picture of me!

Hey, everyone! I go by Jun, since even I find it difficult to pronounce Hyuk sometimes.

I am a full-stack developer, with a strong passion for building web applications. I am a problem solver that loves all types of challenges.

I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. While I love the healthcare industry, my passion for software development has motivated me to chase my dream of building web applications!


Many like to represent their skillset by presenting a percentage for proficiency. I personally find that extremely difficult, especially with how endless the learning journey is! So instead of a percentage, here are some of the technologies that I am comfortable and confident with.

Front-End Back-End
HTML + CSS Node + Express
Less + Sass SQL
React NoSQL
Redux RESTful APIs
Apollo Client GraphQL

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. I am always learning new technologies! Please take a look at my resume for a more comprehensive list.



Skincare Application

It's frustrating when our skin is not how we want it to be. "Skincare" is a web application made to pinpoint which ingredients in skincare products may cause you to break out. "Skincare" was built using Vue, Express + Node, and Google Cloud Datastore.


Notes Application

Notes is a simple note-taking application. Notes includes super basic user authentication to protect paths utilizing GraphQL queries. Notes was an experimental project that I built to learn more about GraphQL. Some of the features include draggable notes to rearrange and markdown support for notes. Notes was built using React, Apollo Client, GraphQL, Node + Express, Passport.js and MongoDB.


YelpCamp Application

YelpCamp is a Yelp-like web application that allows users to share campgrounds. YelpCamp include user authentication and Google Maps API integration. YelpCamp was built using HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Express + Node, Passport.js, and MongoDB.

Company Site

S&J Architects

A fully-responsive sample company site coded from scratch, using HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), and Vanilla Javascript. The site includes a fully functional tab component and a fully functional fade carousel, both coded from scratch utilizing Javascript components + DOM manipulation.

Ski Saver

Ski Saver Device

ACL tears are the most common injuries among skiiers. Ski Saver is a device that determines whether a skier will undergo an ACL tear, utilizing inputs from an accelerometer and force sensors. Once Ski Saver determines that the skier will undergo an injury, a motor tightens the knee brace, which allows for protection of the ACL and the knee. Ski Saver was created using an Arduino Due (hardware) and integrated with LabVIEW (software).

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

A fun project where we started off at the woodshop to carve the wood for the guitar. We designed a linear circuit board with amplifiers and filters to read frequencies from the guitar to output sound.


Feel free to contact me about anything! I would love to hear from you.
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